Our Staff

Trained & Certified


Total Disinfecting Solutions' staff are Certified Disinfection Specialists through the MFS Trade School - Sanford, FL.  Our Licensed and Trained disinfecting professionals will provide top tier disinfection to protect your establishment, residence, business, schools, and much more.

Our Mission


We are committed to the complete disinfection & sanitation of all surfaces, spaces, objects, and even the air of the work space, educational facility, or other occupied spaces that individuals may come in contact with. To be clear, we are not a janitorial service. We are a Disinfection Specialization company that works towards disinfection & sanitation of spaces in which transmission and spread of pathogens is prevalent.


Tae Likely - Owner/CEO

Tae graduated from Cumberland University with a B.S. in Biology in 2003. After 17 years working in restaurants and 8 years of histology experience in medical laboratories, Tae has a well-developed understanding of pathogens and how to remove/kill them. Tae decided to create Total Disinfecting Solutions to spread awareness of pathogen removal in the wake of a global pandemic. In order for us to resume our normal lives, killing an invisible enemy should be priority number one to ensure everyone's safety.